Our Story (LEO)

In December 2019, we adopted Leo, a 3 month old puppy from Tennessee who was rescued from a kill shelter. Leo was a cute Labrador Retriever, Boxer and American FoxHound mix. He had glimpses and traits of all 3 breeds. He is intelligent, headstrong and an energetic playful puppy. 

During COVID-19 lockdown, Leo really helped our family cope with the loneliness and kept our family, especially our 12 year old daughter, occupied and happy. Little did we know that adopting Leo would be such a blessing.

As first time pet owners, we did not know how to train a puppy so we enrolled Leo in private one-on-one training sessions. But interestingly, even before the lessons began, Leo would paw at our backyard door telling us he had to do his business. Leo had house-trained himself! 

Similar to his puppy years, Leo is still very bouncy, playful and full of energy. He loves to play with other dogs and meet new people.  

Once, a dog was passing by our house and Leo, being his playful self, bolted. We were shocked and also very worried about Leo and his safety. Luckily we found him. 

That incident was devastating for our family but it also led us to create YoPets, an advanced GPS tracking solution for dogs and cats. YoPets enables you to know the whereabouts of your pets. YoPets also sends a notification on your phone to alert you when your pet leaves the safe area.

We learnt that over 10 million dogs are either lost or stolen in North America every year and missing pets seems to be a global problem. 

We already had years of experience in GPS vehicle tracking (www.yodiyil.com) with billions of transactions processed every year through our servers. Leo inspired us to use our expertise in GPS tracking to develop an innovative, premium GPS tracking solution for pets. With YoPets GPS trackers, we always know Leo’s location in real time which reduces our worry and anxiety.

YoPets is one of the few pet tracking solutions in the world that provides global coverage and uses the latest 4G/CATM1/NB-IOT technology for long range and battery life combined with a user friendly Mobile app available for iPhone and Android phone users enabling you to know the location of your pet no matter where you are. YoPets – we exist because our pets matter!