How to get a puppy comfortable for a drive?

Drives become even more exciting when the whole family travels together. Having your adorable puppy tag along with you while cruising through those picturesque locations can be very fulfilling.However, there is always a first for everything for you pup. Whether it is their first few steps or their first car ride, getting them familiarized is the best way to help them learn and pick up these changes while growing. Now, car rides aren’t normal for puppies initially; they need to adapt to them. In this article, we’ll be going through all the fundamentals you need to know to get your dogs tucked in and ready for that long-awaited road trip. Without further ado, let’s zoom right to it! 

Ensuring comfortability for the pup in the car

Patience is crucial when it comes to training your puppies for car rides. Remember, car rides are not something they are familiar with, so helping them get used to cars is the first step. 

Get them to go inside and outside of the car.

Though this may sound simple, this helps your puppy slowly normalize their new environment (aka the car). Incorporate an exciting game to help create a positive link with going into the vehicle. 

Get them to sit in the car with you holding their leash. 

Since they won’t usually get into the car on their own, you might want to use some tasty treats or their beloved toy to get them to hop in the car. You can always pick them up and put them in the seat. Holding the leash while they are in the car will assure them that you are closeby.

Let them get familiarized.

Let them sniff and touch the car interiors.This will help your puppy familiarize themselves with a whole new surrounding. As they do this, be sure to give them treats to create a positive association with getting inside the car. 

Exiting the car 

Get your dog to sit while securely holding their leash and encourage them to jump outside the car. When they do, be sure to have plenty of those “Good boys” or “Good girls” ready to complement them! 

Car safety rules

Safety is crucial for both you and your puppy. With that being said, there are some ground rules, or should we say, road rules, on how your puppy can safely experience their first few car rides. Here are some safety precautions for your puppy that you need to take note of:

Securely strap your puppy in with a harness or crate. 

Ensuring your puppy is safely tucked in their harness will not only keep them safe but also help you stay focused on the road without the need to check your pup periodically. 

Crates or crating is the best way to ensure your puppy’s safety, particularly great if you drive an SUV and planning for a long road trip ahead. You can furnish the crate with comfy bedding and your puppy’s favorite chew toys to help them ease any anxiety throughout the trip. Ensure that no sharp objects are in the crate and have it securely strapped down to help it stabilize against those rocky roads.  

Keep them inside the car at all times 

Though it may be tempting to get some fresh air, having puppies sticking out from windows can potentially harm them with high wind velocities and possible road debris. So, to be safe, ensure all the windows are closed throughout the ride without any exception. 

Do not put them in the front seat. 

While driving you may want to keep the pup next to you, but having them in the front seat can be distracting, which may lead to unwanted road accidents. The best way to stay focused and ensure you both arrive at your destination safely is by keeping them tucked in the backseat. Besides, you can briefly check on them with your rearview mirror. 

These simple steps will not only encourage your puppy to be comfortable with car rides but will also keep your mind at peace, knowing they are safe during those long trips to the mountains or lakes. Another essential product for your dog’s safety is the  YoPets GPS tracker. Regardless of where you go, you can track your pet and know their whereabouts with just a few taps on the app.   

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