How much should I budget for a Dog – pet care and other expenses?

Canada is a nation of pet lovers – with approximately 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs in Canada, over 60% of Canadian adults own a pet. Although our furry friends are a source of happiness, companionship, and comfort, owning a pet is an expensive affair. Whether you are looking to buy a pet of your choice or adopting, there are costs involved in taking care of their health and wellbeing. Here is a comprehensive list for you to understand the costs and manage your finances.

  • Veterinary visits and Medication

On average you would spend close to $800 on veterinary costs annually that will cover basic immunization, fleas, and tick protection. In case there is an unplanned visit like an injury or illness, it could be $250 and up per visit. It is advisable to take pet insurance that covers all injuries, accidents, and illnesses except the preexisting conditions. Typically pet insurance starts around $50 per month. Another important thing to know when it comes to a pet’s health is when you should neuter or spay. Typically neutering requires a small surgery and is recommended to be done when your pet is 6 months old. 

  • Pet food and Treats

While a vet can tell you the specific food needs of your pet, the average spend of dog owners is $250 for kibble and $200 for treats per year. There are pet foods that are more expensive than others as they may have high-quality ingredients, but you need not overspend on your pet’s food. It is advisable to buy pet food in large quantities and store it properly to reduce the cost. Also, you can look for some healthy homemade recipe ideas if you want to save more.

  • Dog exercise

If you are a dog owner, you must be already aware of the importance of daily walks. It is not only crucial to the health, but it also helps with your dog’s behavior. If dog owners are too busy with their work-life, they may hire dog walkers. The cost of this will be $10-$20 daily. You should also consider your lifestyle and time commitment before getting a dog. 

  • Daycare services

If you work for long hours and have other commitments it is suggested to enroll your dog in daycare. The daycare services take full care of your dog in terms of walking, playing, and resting time. The average cost of daycare services for a dog is $15-$40 per day or $250-$550 per month. The daycare also helps the dogs in socializing and improves their overall mental wellness.

  • Travelling gear

If you are a dog owner, you will surely enjoy taking your furry friend with you on all the trips. While a peeking dog from a car window may look adorable, it is not always safe. An investment in a good harness and travel bag will ensure that your dog is comfortable in all the long and short trips.

  • The doghouse in your home

A crate/doghouse can be a cozy, quiet, and comfortable space for your dog. It can provide him a sense of security. You can place a dog bed in the crate for a good sleep. A crate costs between $40- $100 while the bed costs within $50. To save some money, it is advisable to invest in a crate that grows with the puppy. We also suggest taking up a DIY home project to build a doghouse if you have some time in hand to save even more.

  • Toys

Dogs are usually more interested in spending time with you than playing with toys. However, the playtime is not complete without staples like balls or some chewy toys. Usually, they cost up to $100 annually

  • Professional grooming

The grooming needs depend on the type of breed you have. Some breeds need monthly haircuts while some need occasional grooming only. A grooming session includes bathing, trimming, and clipping nails. On average pet owners spend $200 annually on these services.  You can groom your dog at home too. To save some cash and learn how to trim your dog nails read our blog on dog nail trimming.

  • Basic training

All dogs need basic obedience training. You can attempt to train your dog by reading books and watching videos, but it is not as simple as it looks and can be frustrating. Different dogs need different training techniques too. You can hire a dog trainer to teach them basic commands and socializing etiquette. Dog trainers offer affordable group classes for around $100. Private classes can be more expensive. 

To budget your finances correctly, it is advisable to research the breed and their needs before bringing them home. Apart from the above expenses, some other expenses include a collar, food station, clothes, accessories, GPS Tracker etc. Please invest in protecting your pet. At YoPets we understand that your pet is your family member hence we offer peace of mind by helping you know the location of your pet globally just by a phone tap.

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