Once you buy, we will ship your GPS tracker (device) which you will receive within 2-5 days depending on your location. Once, you get the tracker, please follow the steps below: 1. Open the box and charge the device for 3 hours. Please refer to userguide and video for detail instructions on how to charge 2. Download “YoPets” app on your phone 3. Create your account and add your GPS tracker by clicking “Add Device” in the app and scanning the bar code on the device. Please refer to userguide and video for detail instructions on how to get started and add device. 4. You could add the name of your pet and change the profile picture. Please refer to userguide and video for detail instructions on how to change profile picture 5. Click on paw button to start tracking.

No, your GPS device will be pre-configured and is ready to use. Just charge the device, place it on the dog’s collar, download the app, create your account and start tracking.

Yes, all video tutorials can be found in the support section under video library


You do not need to do anything as your subscription is renewed automatically.

Please send us an email at with your username and request cancellation. Please note that we require 15 days to process your cancellation hence, please send your request 15 days in advance of the date you would like your subscription to be cancelled.

Yes you can however there will be a $50 activation fee for renewing a subscription that has expired. We will ship a new sim card to you with instructions on how to replace your existing sim with your new sim.

No. Yopets pays for all applicable data charges. You can travel to over 150 countries with or without your pet and still track your dog’s whereabouts


Not at all. You just need 1 tracker on your dog and you are good to go. Just use your phone to track the location of your dog.

Absolutely. YoPets trackers have relatively small form factor and can be easily used on a cat

Not at all. We use the latest CATM1 and NB-IOT technology along with GPS satellites to provide you with your pet’s location which can be anywhere in the world.

Absolutely. YoPets GPS Pet tracking solution supports global coverage

Yes, we have no range limitation. We use cellular networks and GPS satellites to track the location of your dog.

Absolutely. We store unlimited history with regards to the number of walks, distance travelled and routes taken

Yes, YoPets offers all premium features for just $59

You will be able to share your dog’s location via whats app, email and other ways with your family and friends in the future. It is a roadmap item expected to launch by Q2 2021. All existing customers will get the feature for free once its launched.

Absolutely. Typically the tracking is set to location updates every 10 seconds upon movement. With a click of a button you can switch to real time tracking easily.

Yes. You need to create a virtual perimeter called geofence around your home. You will get notified once your cat leaves the geofence/safe area. Please refer to userguide and video for detail instructions on how to create geofence.

Yes. YoPets GPS Pet tracking app has a display of approximate battery level at all times.

Yes. Your price of $59 +subscription plan includes the SIM card +data charges


It is simple. Please follow the steps below: 1. Click on “Buy Now” on the top right corner. Automatically a month subscription plan and GPS tracker will be added to the cart 2. Click “proceed to checkout” after reviewing the cart 3. Enter billing & shipping details 4. Click submit. You will immediately get an email from us with your invoice and shipping status

Typically, it only takes 2-5 days. However, these times may vary due to COVID-19 shipment delays

Yes, you can buy an additional tracker for $65 + tax and use the same subscription. To buy only the device, please send an email at with the same email that you used while making the first purchase so that we can verify your account, validate the subscription and email you a special link to purchase the device only (without adding subscription).

Yes you can. Once you make the purchase, you can send us an email at with your requirements. Additional silicon cases cost $7 per case and charging cable cost $ 10 per cable.

You can buy another one and use the same subscription. Please refer to steps mentioned here for buying additional device without subscription

Absolutely. Once you receive the devices, you need to download the YoPets mobile app, scan the barcode on the device using the YoPets mobile app and create your account. Please make sure that all the devices are added into the same account. This way you will be able to view the location of multiple pets in the same account.

Yes. YoPets supports both iPhone and Android platforms


Our support is 24 x 7 x 365 based on a queuing system where all requests go in queue and are attended to based on first come first serve basis. Live chat support will be available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST For after hour support, email us at