Don’t let your Cat go missing: Tips to find them quickly

Regardless of the reason(s), reports of cats going missing are relatively common worldwide. Your cat may have exited through slight openings such as through windows or an open screen. You would be fortunate if you caught your cat in the act, but what happens in the case that you don’t? Don’t you worry, this article entails some of the best tips and preventive measures you can take to find your beloved cat and keep them from getting lost again. 

Tips for finding your lost cat

1. Flip over a big cardboard box 

Cut out a cat-sized opening on one of the 4 sides and place some soft cushions or bedding in the cardboard outdoors. Have some of your cat’s favorite treats and some water close by as well making it a safe place for your cat to return.

2. Search and rescue 

Have a clear picture of your cat, may it be on your phone or an actual printed photograph would do, along with some treats and a flashlight with you while you do the search. Don’t be shy to ask around to your neighbors or pedestrians while showing your cat’s picture. While searching for your cat, always be careful of your surroundings, as your safety is essential. 

3.Post some posters and fliers 

Choose a clear and close-up image of your cat, showing your cat’s entire body. Ensure that it is large enough for pedestrians or drivers passing by to take notice and that the picture is colored for a better visual just in case anyone has indeed spotted your cat. For contact, simply place your email and phone number, NOT your name, address, or reward amount, as this is for your safety. 

4. Spread the word online 

In this modern digital era, taking advantage of social media can be of great help. Simply post the exact details on a poster on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and ask people to share your post. You would be surprised just by how many people can be reached in a span of a few days. 

5. Visit all local pet shelters 

Leave a missing cat report to local vets, animal shelters, animal control, and rescue groups to let them help you be on the lookout. 

How to prevent your cat from getting lost again

Get a GPS tracker 

It is known as one of the best ways to track wherever your cat may be, plus ensure their safety is in check by a tap on an app. You can easily find reliable GPS trackers at YoPets, with your cat’s location updated every 10 seconds with a simple tap on your smartphone. 

Escape-proof your cat 

These measures include installing screens on your windows and doors and fencing your yard to keep them within safe grounds.

Train them 

Like dogs, cats can be trained too! Start training them at a young age on the dos and don’ts of how they should behave (aka wandering off from the house or removing their collars). It is an excellent way of minimizing the chances of them escaping out of boredom or curiosity. 

Place an ID tag on their collar 

As the responsible pet owner, we all are, ensuring our cats have proper IDs is an absolute must. This not only informs people that your cat is domesticated but also ensures their safety from strangers keeping your cat for themselves. 

Bringing our pur-fectly adorable cats back to safety is an utmost priority. Though this may seem like a challenging task, there are ways and measures you can take to maximize your chances of finding them and minimizing any future chances of your cats getting lost again. We hope these tips serve you well on your search and that your cat can come back home safely. 

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