How to Help Your Puppy Love Everyone & Everything!

Socialization for Puppies What is Socialization?  Socialization is the process of exposing your puppy to a wide variety of people, places, sounds, tastes, smells and animals to help them become confident adults. The critical socialization period is between four and sixteen weeks of age, although socializing should continue through to adulthood and the rest of […]

Curbing the Biting

In case you haven’t noticed yet, puppies bite a lot! Biting during play is something that puppies do with their litter mates as they learn bite inhibition. As their parent you have to teach them that biting you, your clothes and your possessions is not appropriate. From day one it is imperative to not tolerate […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What is Separation Anxiety?  Separation Anxiety is a fear of being left, or possibly being left, alone. A dog with separation anxiety may whine, howl, bark, pant or pace when they believe their parents are about to leave. While parents are away dogs may bark excessively, destroy objects, urinate or defecate in the home. Separation […]

Basic Obedience for Dogs

What is Basic Obedience?  Basic Obedience is the process of teaching your dog to respond to your words. The goal is for your dog to understand and reliably respond to you in all situations. By creating this common language you can teach your dog what you want them to do and easily redirect them from […]

What is Resource Guarding?

Resource Guarding is a behaviour dogs engage in to maintain possession of, or proximity to a prized possession, through persuading other dogs and people away. This behaviour is commonly recognised when a dog is showing teeth, growling, hiding items under their head or body etc. Each dog may have certain things they hold at a […]

Recall: Get your Dog to Come when Called

Keeping your dog’s attention can be a challenge. With all the distractions of city living, such as squirrels, hotdog stands, the local mailperson and other dogs, it can be hard to keep your dog’s focus on you. The greatnews is that you can teach your dog focus and attention through simple games. You can even […]

Impulse Control

What is Impulse control? Impulse control is your dog’s ability to practice self control. In teaching them this tool, it allows you and your dog to have a better quality of life. Instead of constantly reminding your dog to sit or focus or calm down, you give your dog the ability to do this themselves, […]

How To Help Your Dog Overcome Fear?

Fear is something that everyone deals with at some point in their lives. This is true for people and it is certainly true for dogs. Although fear is a normal, and often an advantageous response, it can become an issue when the fear is too great or is associated with an event that does not […]