GPS Pet Tracking For Dogs & Cats

Track your pets in real-time, keep them safe. Use YoPets to know the location of your furry friends from anywhere in the world.


Choose live tracking to get your pet's location updates every 5 seconds

Virtual Fence

Define safe area and get instant alerts when your pet leaves the safe area

Global Coverage

Travel worry free to over 150 countries and leverage YoPets mobile app to track your pets


Learn about your pet's fitness level in terms of walks and distance travelled

About PET Tracker

4G Pet Tracker | $65 + Subscription Plan

Looking for a reliable, state-of-the-art GPS Pet Tracker? Want to protect your dog from being lost or stolen? Look no further - buy our cost effective GPS Pet Tracking solution with premium features.

Mini-GPS Locator. Suitable for pets of all sizes

Latest 4G Technology. No range limitation

Silicon case. Easily attaches to any pet collar

NB-IoT technology. Long battery life

Real-time GPS Tracking with instant alerts

About YoPets App

Premium Features

Over 10 million dogs are lost or stolen every year in North America. YoPets is dedicatedly working towards reducing the number by helping you track your dog quickly no matter how far they are from you. Browse through our key features and get started.

GPS Tracking (2 to 3 minutes interval)

Real-time tracking (5 to 10 seconds intervals)

Virtual Fence

Instant notifications

Route Playback

Global coverage

Unlimited location history

More Details

GPS Tracking

Does your cat like to roam free? Does your dog bolt? Have you seen a missing pet sign? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you need GPS Tracking for your dog or cat. Inorder to get you the most accurate location YoPets trackers leverages:

GPS Satellite Constellation

4G LTE cellular network

Latest CAT-M1, NB-IOT Network

User friendly mobile app

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Happy Pets






Countries Covered



Year Experience

Service Plans

Buy YoPets Tracker, choose service plan from below, place tracker on dog's collar, download YoPets App and get started

Monthly plan

Good starter plan

CAD $ 15/month

Cancel any time

  • Seasonal plan
  • All premium features included
3 months plan

Money saver plan

CAD $ 36

Equals to $ 12/month

  • Great gift
  • All premium features included
1 year plan

Most popular plan

CAD $ 108

Equals to $ 9/month

  • Best value for money
  • All premium features included


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